About Us

A home is not just an abode built to live in; in fact, that is just a definition of a house. Home is not just a place makes you feel comfortable, but a place they look forward to live in every day.

A space which you filled your chosen furniture with, it makes a home better.

At MHome we believe not just the physical items make you choose, but the momentum of buying it at the right time and with the right budget are critical too.

Online stores are very common today. However, there are some victims to online transactions. It is important to make the right decision and choose a reliable online store.

With many years of experience in sourcing and selling online furniture, we understand the keys to choose the right products to sell. Products are one of the key factors to growing journey but core values such as “Integrity” and “Passion” are the two other key factors which drives MHome to be better every year.

At Mhome, we cannot guarantee the lowest price in the market but as a local store we are confident to provide quality products and services at a reasonable rate. Mhome products are carefully selected based on styles, costs and product sustainability.  Some of the products comes with add-on warranty at customers’ selection.

We have selections of mid-priced luxury furniture for choosing. We do offer our best possible rates by carefully planned the procurement and sales prospects to minimise the costs. On top of this, With instalment plans available, it makes things even easier. Customers can purchase without worrying too much about spending too much at a time!

Hesitate no more, if in doubt contact us!

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